Our vision for the site was encapsulated in our outline application, which was granted in 2016. It was allocated for delivering up to 2,030 new homes in December 2012 in South Oxfordshire District Council’s adopted Core Strategy; a planning policy document that sets out the vision for development across the District to 2027.

The land is being promoted by the University of Reading and Croudace Homes as the North East Didcot Partnership. The allocation set the principle of up to 2,030 new homes on the allocated site, alongside the quantity and the nature of community facilities expected alongside.

North East Didcot will provide up to 1,880 new homes, the Didcot Leisure Facility, a commercial area, new primary schools (and potentially a secondary school), sports and play provision and new areas of public open space.

It aims to provide a new neighbourhood that connects to its surroundings, with a focus on maximising accessibility to Ladygrove, the town centre and the railway station, and also to the public rights of way leading to Wittenham Clumps and the Thames.


A great place to live

The proposals aim to deliver a range of new homes over the next decade, delivered by Croudace and a number of other housebuilders, providing a minimum of 25% affordable housing (470 homes) across the site, for shared ownership or below market rent. The development will also provide for 35 extra care homes for people with dementia, as well as 12 homes for special assisted living (47 in all).


A green neighbourhood

The new neighbourhood would be well endowed with green infrastructure, with about 53ha out of about 142ha (over 37% of the total site area in all) being open space, including the Nature Park. It will be very much a new ‘garden’ neighbourhood.


Improving infrastructure

£14.28 million will be raised by the development and invested in a range of improvements including:

  • Northern Perimeter Road improvements, Science Bridge, A4130 widening, Jubilee Way Roundabout and the Culham River Crossing
  • Reducing the speed limit along the A4130 to 40mph

In addition some of the transport works include:

  • The SUSTRANs cycle route will be upgraded plus improvements to SUSTRANs A4130 underpass
  • Improvements to junction at A4130/ Abingdon Road
  • Improvements to B4016 T-junction
  • Pedestrian/cycle crossings along the Northern Perimeter Road (A4130) and Abingdon Road (B4016) – Avon Way, Hopkins Bridge and Mersey Way

The new neighbourhood will also be served by a regular bus service running through the heart of the development providing a direct and convenient link with the town centre, the railway station, and potentially to employment centres further afield.


Community gains

Providing the right facilities for residents is important. The scheme provides a new community hall as well as a local centre, with retail units for local shops and a pub/restaurant and hotel. This is located to the southern end of the site and will be one of the early phases to come forward. It will includes a range of shops and services designed to cater for the new residents.


A new sports centre

Land for a brand new sports centre, a new facility for all residents of Didcot, will be made available as part of the masterplan. This will be handed over to South Oxfordshire District Council to deliver the new Sports Centre, complemented by a new sports pavilion and 10.29 hectares of sports pitches (for football, rugby, cricket, tennis and a MUGA).