Permission granted

31 Jul 2016

On Wednesday 27 July 2016, the Planning Committee at South Oxfordshire District Council considered and approved application P15/S2902/O for outline planning permission with details of the means of access only to be considered for a new and integrated neighbourhood to the north east of Didcot of up to 1880 homes (with up to 40% affordable housing) and comprising:

  • (i) two new primary schools;
  • (ii) a new secondary school;
  • (iii) a new leisure/sports facility and sports pitches, including a pavilion;
  • (iv) a neighbourhood centre comprising: a 1500 sq.m Class A1  (shop) use; up to 5 units, each up to 200 sq.m, of small flexible units within Classes A1, A2, A3, A4 or A5; a Class A4 or A3 or mixed use public house/restaurant; a Class C1 hotel; and a Class D1 non-residential institutional use (for example a crèche or children’s day nursery);
  • (v) a new community hall; (vi) a Class C3 residential extra care housing facility;
  • (vii) new areas of green infrastructure including amenity green space, allotments and children's play areas; and
  • (viii) a comprehensive suite of other supporting town-wide and site-specific associated infrastructure on land to the north east of Didcot.

The officer updated members on the recent discussions including:

  • Twenty five per cent affordable housing.
  • An affordable housing mix of at least 25% affordable rented and the remaining intermediate/shared ownership up to 75%.
  • No cap on affordable rented housing tenure should additional funding become available to increase affordable rented.
  • A matrix approach to contributions applied in the event of an increase in large market homes. Housing mix to be agreed in the S106.
  • S106 and S278 infrastructure as identified in the report and as updated by the addendum.
  • An additional circa £38,000 for strategic transport.

Other updates included:

  • Seeking lifetime homes by condition.
  • The maintenance amounts will need to be made available and passed on to the organisation(s) taking on the open space.
  • A commitment to ongoing discussions on the community centre with the applicants.

It was resolved to delegate approval.