South of Appleford Road – proposed application The University of Reading is progressing a proposal for development of an area within the boundary of the approved North East Didcot Development, originally indicated as land to be retained for agricultural use. Given its location and the need to deliver new homes, this is being considered for new housing. The 12 hectares would form an integrated part of the wider development, contributing to and being supp…

Phase One Application

01 Aug 2018
Didcot Phase One Illustrative View

The North East Didcot Partnership secured outline planning permission for Land at North East Didcot in June 2017. Phase One of the development will provide 173 new dwellings and Formal Park open space along with transport, drainage and utility infrastructure and these details have been submitted alongside the design of the new Neighbourhood Park (P18/S2409/DIS). The proposals include a range of styles and sizes, from starter homes to family accommodation …

Feb 2018 Update

08 Feb 2018
North East Didcot Partnership logo.jpg

Following the consent of the scheme last year, the North East Didcot Partnership have been working with the council on discharging the various conditions which are associated with such a significant scheme. Detailed planning applications for the first phases of new homes and open space will start coming forward later this year. As the development progresses it will  be accompanied by associated new schools, neighbourhood centre and sports facilities. We'l…

Gas pipeline works

27 Feb 2017

The team at National Grid will soon be arriving to start work on the gas pipeline that runs though the North East Didcot site. The first phase of this work is planned to start at the end of February with vegetation clearance. This involves the removal of sections of hedgerow in preparation for the main works. The main works, which are planned to start in mid-April, will be when the excavations will begin to divert the pipeline. Minimising the level o…

Permission granted

31 Jul 2016

On Wednesday 27 July 2016, the Planning Committee at South Oxfordshire District Council considered and approved application P15/S2902/O for outline planning permission with details of the means of access only to be considered for a new and integrated neighbourhood to the north east of Didcot of up to 1880 homes (with up to 40% affordable housing) and comprising: (i) two new primary schools; (ii) a new secondary school; (iii) a new leisure/sports facil…

November update

11 Nov 2015

The formal statutory consultation period run by South Oxfordshire District Council on the planning application has now closed and the development team, along with officers at the council are reviewing comments. Representations have been received from local groups and organisation alongside residents, government bodies (such as Natural England and the Health and Safety Executive), Oxfordshire County Council and parish & town councils.  These comments w…

Application submitted

01 Sep 2015
North East Didcot Partnership logo.jpg

The North East Didcot Partnership, comprising the University of Reading and Croudace Homes, has submitted their proposals for a new and integrated community at North East Didcot. The plans, which include new homes, together with new primary and secondary schools, a sports centre and a wide array of other community facilities, will now be assessed by South Oxfordshire District Council. The planning application has been given the reference P15/S2902/O and ca…

Community Workshop

21 Nov 2013

To add to the feedback we have received as part of the public exhibitions, on 12th November we held a Community Workshop, inviting representatives from South Oxfordshire District Council, local Churches, Parish Councils, sporting groups, environmental charities, South Oxfordshire Housing Association, business organisations and Didcot Town Council. The workshop offered a chance to cover the steps taken so far and an explanation of the draft masterplan. Pla…

Meet the team

15 Oct 2013

We’d like to hear what you think about the proposals and try to answer any questions you might have. We will be at the Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot at the following times: Friday October 25th: 3pm – 7.30pm Saturday October 26th: 2.30pm – 4.30pm Those arriving by car can use the Orchard Centre car park – you can park without charge for two hours by displaying a free ticket. We look forward to seeing you there.

Consultation Update

27 Sep 2013

We hope you had a good summer! The project team are still working on the plans and we are planning public consultation events in Didcot, to be held in late October 2013. If you would like to see the display materials from our first round of public consultation in April please see the Resources section of this website. You can leave your feedback on the proposals here.

Didcot Leisure Facility.JPG

South Oxfordshire District Council is working to bring a new leisure facility to the North East Didcot site. During 2013 SODC will be consulting residents of Didcot and the surrounding area about what they think are the priorities for the proposed facility.  If you are interested in taking part in the consultations, or wish to receive regular updates, please visit

Public Exhibition

18 Apr 2013

The North East Didcot Partnership is consulting local residents on early stage proposals for around 2,000 homes north east of Didcot, just north of the Ladygrove development.    The development would be built in stages and will include a variety of new community facilities for new and existing residents to make use of. We will be asking residents what they think about our initial ideas for the development and there will be an opportunity to speak to th…