The outline planning application was discussed and approved by Councillors at South Oxfordshire District Council in July 2016.

The outline application sets the principle of development, which will be followed by a series of Reserved Matters applications mapping out the look, feel and design of each phase of development. These would be expected to follow the principles set down by the outline application.

The North East Didcot Partnership aim to start delivering homes as quickly as possible, to meet the growing need for new homes across South Oxfordshire.  We’ll be working with developers, Oxfordshire Council County, South Oxfordshire District Council and with other agencies to deliver the supporting infrastructure alongside the new homes.




Agreement of the S106, a legal agreement which allows for the commencement of development and some of the details of the development.

National Grid undertook work to divert the gas pipeline which runs across the northern part of the site.



Spring - Croudace will submit a reserved matters application, dealing with the detail of the first phase of development, to South Oxfordshire District Council.

Spring - The University of Reading will co-ordinate the initial on-site works to deliver junctions from the A4130 and Lady Grove.

Spring – The University of Reading will market land within its control to housing developers, allowing delivery of subsequent phases of development to take place.

Summer – An application will be submitted for the ‘reserved farmland’ in the north west part of the site to deliver housing as part of the North East Didcot scheme.

Winter – Work would be expected to begin on housing delivery.


2019 - 2021

Delivery of homes by developers on individual parcels

Work to begin on the new Didcot Leisure Centre

Delivery of the Primary School

Development of Neighbourhood Centre land and associated facilities